Organizing Committee of the conference:
R.V. Pskhu (Chairman), DSci, RUDN (Moscow)
V.K. Shokhin, DSci, IF RAS / RUDN (Moscow)
A.V. Paribok, PhD (philology), RUDN (Moscow)
O.P. Vecherina, PhD (history), MGPPU/ RUDN University (Moscow)
E.A. Desnitskaya, PhD (philosophy), Institute of Oriental Manuscripts/ RUDN University (Saint-Petersburg/Moscow)
N.V. Gordiychuk (Secretary), RUDN University (Moscow)
E.O. Kuzina, RUDN University (Moscow)
S.I. Ryzhakova, DSci (history, ethnology and anthropology), Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
T.A. Dubyanskaya, PhD (philology), HSE (Moscow)
D.N. Vorobyov, PhD, HSE (Moscow)
I.B. Spector, PhD (history), Moscow State University (Moscow)
A.S. Krylov, RAS Institute of Oriental studies (Moscow)
L.G. Roman, RUDN University (Moscow)
E.A. Renkovskaya (Russia)



Executive Committee (Moscow, Russia):
O.P. Vecherina, N.V. Gordiychuk, L.G. Roman, P.M. Sviridova