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The first international conference “Dubyanskiy Readings” will be held on November 18-20, 2021. The Organizing Committee of the conference is pleased to invite Russian and foreign scholars to present the results of their research in the field of Tamil studies, classical Indian philosophy of South India (Buddhism and Jainism, Shaiva-Siddhanta and Vishishta-Advaita) and related fields (dravidology, bhakti, history, fine and expressive arts, including the art of music and dance of South India, etc.).

The aim of the committee is to create a joint platform for the specialists active in various fields of South Indian research, which is planned to a permanent one and to combine online and offline possibilities for the exchange of academic experiences and results, to form new research projects in this domain. Thus, participation in the conference may be engaging for literary critics, philosophers, orientalists, specialists in cultural and religious studies, art history or general history.

The conference is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian Indologist Alexander Mikhailovich Dubyanskiy (27.04.1941-18.11.2020), who was one of the leading Russian specialists in the field of classical Tamil literature research. For a number of decades, Alexander Mikhailovich had been active as a professor at the Institute of Asian and African Countries, and thus became the mentor of several generations of Russian Tamilists.

He successfully combined his ascetic teaching mission with intensive and in-depth research in the field of classical Tamil literature (sanga poetry and bhakti literature), but the scope of his academic and human interests was much wider and encompassed most various phenomena of Tamil culture, including classical medieval art, the art of music and dance, etc.).

Therefore, an important task of the conference is to discover new names of researchers who are just starting their academic career. We invite undergraduates and postgraduates; a special panel will be organized for them on the third day of the conference.

We expect to publish the overall results of the conference as an online collection of abstracts included in the Russian Scientific Citation Index. The most significant presentations apers outstanding speeches, arranged in the form of articles, will be published as full articles in the 2nd issue of the Bulletin of the RUDN University, the Series “Philosophy” (indexed in Scopus).

The final results of the conference will be summarized in the form of an electronic and printed edition of the Proceedings of the conference (in English), which will include the best reports of the conference participants. Invitations for publication will be sent to the authors following the results of the conference.


Sample directions of the conference:

– classical Tamil literature

– classical philosophy of South India

– Sanskrit studies

– research methodology and history of indological studies

– classical  South Indian arts

– history, anthropology and religious studies of South India


The official working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

The conference is planned to be held in a mixed format, including personal presence or via the ZOOM online platform.